Silicon Valley Innovation Institute

Innovate or Die

To thrive you must innovate. This is true of companies, countries and cultures as well as individuals. The Silicon Valley Innovation Institute has defined innovation as applied insight since its founding in 2005 as one of the first innovation institutes anywhere. SVII was founded to bridge the gap between decision makers and innovators. Humanity is hard wired to innovate. Adaptation is a survival skill. Although innovation is near the top of every organizations priority list, and seemingly hundreds of books are published about it annually, Innovation is still not well understood. There is often an important difference between innovation scholars and innovation veterans. Many scholars are more comfortable writing and most innovators get more out of doing the innovation than by writing about it. SVII through its knowledge network of veteran innovators supports innovation advocates at all levels, from highly leveraged government and business leaders to entrepreneurs and sole contributors.

Through its twelve year history SVII has been a combination of a think tank and public forum, a place for the innovation community to come together to hatch new ideas and initiatives. Our knowledge network of creative participants collaborate on how to apply their insights.

Innovators are in the business of harvesting infinity.

Once a person has experienced manifesting a new reality from a thought it is hard to stop. If you have ever lived in a city, everything you saw around you was made by man, and therefore began as an idea which was then manifested by people. Innovators are context activists not necessarily willing to accept the context they find themselves within all of the time. They are often motivated to question conditions as they have the belief that they can change them. Innovators are not passive when it comes to context. They do not ignore it as they have to become great context managers to get any of their innovations adopted.

You can not apply insights by being unconscious of conditions and people surrounding you. The best innovators are finely attuned to the micro-gestures of their stakeholder audiences so they can constantly adjust what they say as a function of who they are addressing in order to increase cognition to the point of being actionable. If you can not make anyone cognizant of your insight it will not likely be adopted and you will not make it as an innovator.