1/4/12: How to Design an Eco-City

Dr. James Caldwell shares his experience working with sustainability planners in China to develop actionable strategies for creating Eco Cities. Topics include the need to measure the actual performance of buildings, international joint ventures, livability and scalability. Chinese eco-cities covered include Suzhou, Tianjin and Nansha.
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MASDAR CITY, UAE: World’s First Carbon-neutral, Zero-Waste Community

Karin Larsen, Masdar City Project

Masdar City is the expression of a vision. It represents Abu Dhabi’s multi-faceted response to the challenges facing a sustainable future. The Masdar Initiative and Masdar City are positioning Abu Dhabi as a global leader and hub for the research and development of renewable energy and sustainable technology. The funding for Masdar comes from the Abu Dhabi government.

Masdar City’s aim is to become the Silicon Valley for clean, green and alternative energy. A global centre where over 1500 companies will converge to address one of man’s greatest challenges. A city where current and future technologieis will be funded, researched, developed, tested and implemented. Masdar’s mandate is to champion renewable energy technologies, and to contribute to the diversitfication and sustainable growth of the Abu Dhabi economy into one that is industry-led and knowledge-based.

For more information, see www.masdarcity.com and www.masdar.ae.

Karin Larsen is the US Sales Representative for the Masdar City Property Development Unit, where she develops cross-border strategic partnerships and business relationships between Masdar City and US companies. Prior to this, she was a Senior Vice President at Gulf Capital Private Equity in the UAE where she analyzed and executed investment opportunities in energy services, alternative energy, and technology/media. Previously, she established i2i Capital in Hong Kong, a boutique private placement and investment firm serving SMEs in Asia. In the cleantech sector, she has worked with companies active in electric vehicles, coal gasification, plastics recycling, nanomaterials, and water filtration.

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Developing Green Innovative Communities with Dr. James Caldwell

The Sustainability Revolution: Inspired Community Design

Curt Johansen
Executive Vice President, TriadCommunities

Seeking inspiration for a sustainable future? Join us as Curt Johansen, EVP of Triad Communities, shares his aspirations, experiences and insights.

The advanced protection and preservation of our environment is integral to the well-being of future generations. Socially responsible development is now immutably on the political agendas of most politicians and many business leaders. Along with economic prosperity, these three concepts formulate the basis for sustainable development and blended-value creation.

Curt’s practical experience and research over the past twenty-five years has led him to understand the role of sustainable community in the creation of a true land ethic. He will explain how localizing five critical economic sectors can create healthy balance between globalization and strong communities. He will demonstrate how his own work is leading him toward the creation of perhaps the most sustainable community in the country, right here in the Bay Area. And he will invite us to explore how we might face the challenge of incorporating sustainable principles into our careers.

More Innovation in Facilities Design:

In this discussion the necessity for the improvement of buildings and their designs was the topic. The main focus of the discussion was creating a functional and sustainable workspace. The speaker Garry Shamshoian, designed many innovative buildings for Genentech.

Panelists: Gary Shamshoian, Rick Rios, Danny Beesley
Moderator: Sue Lebeck, SVII

We continue our theme of Innovation in Facilities Design with a look at the integration of systems-level and component-level innovation in the sustainable building space. Join us as Gary Shamshoian, Rick Rios and Danny Beesley share their perspectives.

Gary Shamshoian, P.E. is a mechanical engineer focused on industrial facility design. Gary provides expertise for large labs and cleanroom design and construction projects, and is a contributor to Labs21, which provides education to industry on high performance lab, cleanroom and data center deisgn issues. Gary’s designs and technologies deliver both sustainability improvements and cost savings.

Rick Rios is CEO and president of Verde Development Incorporated. Verde Development strives to make a global difference by focusing on the procurement, training, management and use of energy-efficient products, procedures, tools and environmental services relating to the construction industry as a whole. Verde is also the Northern CA distributor and training provider for the Apex Block, the latest generation of insulating concrete forms made from recycled expanded polystyrene.

Danny Beesley is a certified green building professional, and an external development strategist for the Green Building Exchange, a Bay Area eco-hub at the forefront of the green economy. Danny, a home builder from a young age, noticed early on that the conventional approach to the built environment was in part responsible for major ecological and human health impacts. Today, he pulls together together the many facets of the green building industry, building partnerships with key people and organizations.

This collaborative exploration of sustainable building innovation is sure to enlighten.