The Team

Howard Lieberman
Founder & Chairman of SVII
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Mr. Lieberman is a force of convergence who has successfully piloted many new products and programs into the world, resulting in multiple billion dollar markets and multiple new approaches to existing situations. He works with an extremely broad range of entities from industry to academia to government.

As a three-decade innovation veteran with a bias for action, his combination of extremely clear focus and unusual flexibility result in the ability to integrate diverse resources and create badly needed synergy for today’s complex realities.

Howard spent fifteen years working at two of the most innovative companies in history, Bose and Apple Corporations, and an additional fifteen years as a founder, consultant and academician in both business and technical areas. In all of these situations the dominant contribution was innovation, which was achieved differently every time.

After completing university programs in both Physics and Electrical Engineering, Howard Lieberman has accumulated a large set of innovation-relevant capabilities including product development, project management, digital marketing, strategic planning, founding and managing new entities, coaching, and perhaps most importantly the ability to connect the diverse set of players always present in current innovation scenarios.

Jessie Chen
Executive Director
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Jessie graduated from MIT and Harvard with master’s degrees in EECS and Arts in Education.  She currently works as a software Product Manager during the day, and is passionate about exploring the different ways beauty can impact the world. She is a competitive ballroom dancer, a recreational singer, a graphic designer, and also passionate about transformation, community, and healing through spirituality and creative self-expression.  She is working with SVII towards empowering individuals and societies who find themselves at the critical intersections of creativity, ingenuity, and value.

Ed Wei
Innovation Advocate

Ed graduated from Dartmouth College with a master’s degree in Computer Science.  He works as a software developer, stays involved in Stanford Ballroom, and is an avid photographer.  Ed is also a classical vocalist, and has performed with the San Jose Opera.

Michael Ruescher
Innovation Advocate
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Michael knows what it means to stand up for innovation. Faced with a debilitating rheumatoid arthritis in 2005, Michael decided to look outside the mainstream and his own intuitions about the body’s ability to heal. By experimenting with nutritional technologies, lifestyle choices and an overall integration of natural health principles into his life, he replaced his condition with vibrant health in less than a year. Fueled by his personal transformation, Michael is passionate about innovations that contribute to human potential and protect the wellbeing of life.

As SVII’s webmaster, Michael loves the challenge of developing a media rich, interactive and meaningful web presence for SVII. He is an advocate for video literacy as a core communications competency.

Camilla Yu
Innovation Advocate, Shanghai Division

Camilla Yu is a native Chinese. She is not easily satisfied with living within the comfort zone and always seeks new adventures. In 2008, Camilla went to UT Austin for her master degree in Advertising and then moved to Stanford in 2010. Her expertise is in branding, social media and digital marketing. A researcher in innovation ecosystems network, Camilla studies the global relationships among start-ups, funding and people. Currently Camilla is in her hometown of Shanghai to expand the SVII network to China. She has the vision and passion to establish an innovative bridge between Shanghai and Silicon Valley..

Jitendra Mudhol
Director of Innovation Advocacy
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Jitendra is a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur and consultant in embedded and wireless technologies.  For two decades Jitendra has worked across different continents and multiple cultures, from Siemens, IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sanyo, Qualcomm and Broadcom to a bunch of startups. His latest boot-strapped venture “CollaMeta” implements cutting-edge collaborative solutions in emerging economies to uplift the lives and create meaning.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.  The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”  ~Andrew Carnegie