Cancelled: June 23rd, 2015 – From Makers to Manufacturing

We are in the process of rescheduling the event. It will most likely be in late August. Thank you, and sorry for the last-minute change!


The SVII is happy to present another one of our upcoming events, From Makers to Manufacturing! This event will discuss the possibility of shortening the time between the conception of an idea and the construction of the idea’s first model. By shortening the distance between conception and creation more advancements can be made in less time, allowing for swifter advancement.

The kick-off event at our beautiful new space* is going to be great! We are lining up an amazing panel of guests, and look forward to a deep dialogue with participants old and new.

Envision a world where the time between an idea’s conception and its physical rendering is not months but hours. The industrial revolution launched the age of manufactured goods, but mass fabrication has always required a long and expensive setup, and the initial prototyping still required skilled handcrafting.

Babies grow too quickly for their prosthetics, people with old cars need parts long since out of production, inventors need a widget to do some unique thing that only they want to do.

What if anyone could make almost anything they can imagine, quickly and inexpensively? What might the “maker revolution” have in store for us in terms of our lifestyles and capabilities?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
7pm – 9pm (Doors open at 6pm)
Foothills Tennis & Swimming Club
3351 Miranda Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Join us in a provocative discussion!

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Eventbrite - From Makers to Manufacturing: How Rapid Development is Changing our World


* Special thanks to the team at Foothills Tennis and Swim Club who are hosting us in this series. Read more about their sponsorship and this series in this letter from our founder.

SVII Partnerships and Progress

SVII is happy to announce a new partnership on the east coast! Expanding out from Silicon Valley, SVII has launched a partnership with Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Great Barrington, MA. Along with the extension to the east, there are also changes back home, in the west. With new sponsors and a re-imagining of our live events, the work in the west is looking better than ever.


SVII is now officially bicoastal and we have two exciting new partnerships to announce.

Our monthly live West Coast programs are being rebooted after a brief hiatus. SVII Forums at Foothills is a partnership with our newest sponsor, the Foothills Tennis and Swim Club, who will host us at their beautiful facility in Palo Alto.

Our community can look forward to the same highly interactive provocative round table discussions on timely topics, anchored by the perspectives of our fascinating panelists. Ease of access is considerably improved over our recent locations — Parking is plentiful and the venue is just off Foothill Expressway between Page Mill and Arastradero, and near I-280, which is easier to navigate than US 101, especially during the evening rush hour.

In addition to improving our location, we are changing from 1st Wednesdays to 4th Tuesdays for at least the next three months on June 23rd, July 28th and August 25th. Mark your calendars.

For information about our first event, please check out the event announcement: From Makers to Manufacturing — details on the other summer events will be posted soon.

SVII East is also kicking off a great new partnership with Simon’s Rock College in Western Massachusetts to create an Innovation Corps, an educational Innovation Initiative commencing Tuesday May 26th. This program has a team of students working with SVII over the summer, and we will have some big news about the further development of our partnership with this prestigious institution in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and interest in innovation advocacy. This is going to be a great year for us all.

OCT 2nd 2013: Perspectives on Innovations in Food (Consequences or Breakthrough?)

Are innovations in the food industry as healthy as we think it is? Are GMO’s as bad as many believe them to be? This roundtable with discuss the pros and cons of the innovation occurring in the food industry.

This month, SVII is taking on a topic that is literally close to our hearts. Very close in fact: our stomachs.

We all eat. Some of us eat to live, and others of us live to eat. Then, there are those who make their living from food production, preparation, alteration, transportation and distribution. At this month’s roundtable discussion, we will be acknowledging a healthy (and maybe not so healthy) variety of perspectives on innovations in food.

Today, the average consumer has an enormous number of choices regarding food. Eating out, take-out, cooking for yourself, growing your own food, getting it from far away, local, organic, exotic, in season and more. How are we to decide what to choose? There are few domains with so many options as food.
To top that, we also hear very contradictory advice about food. The number and types of diets espoused every year continues to go up and there does not appear to be much convergence in sight. Then again, how much is health and longevity a function of diet or genetics or environment?
In any case, food is something we should be better informed about and true to form, SVII is hosting a roundtable discussion with (as you would expect) more than one (or two) point(s) of view.
So come join us for another lively and at times provocative roundtable discussion!
Note: This event will take place at:

Hangen Szechuan Restaurant (2nd Floor)
134 Castro St. Mountain View, CA 94041
Appetizers will be provided!  (Waiter service will also be available for menu items.)

Pre-Registration Tickets ($20)  – on SALE NOW!

LINDA RIEBEL (Moderator)
Linda Riebel, psychologist and environmental educator, has published professional and popular works in addition to The Green Foodprint. As a faculty member at Saybrook University in San Francisco, she co-created the environmental studies program and co-authored two of its course texts. A graduate of Wellesley College, she serves on the boards of Sustainable Lafayette and SaveNature.Org, where she is the program director of Edible EdVentures, which brings the message of earth-friendly eating to classrooms around the San Francisco Bay Area. Linda has received notable recognition for her work as an environmental educator and author. Most recently, she won a 2012 Green Book Festival Award and was a finalist of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Visit
Dr. Ed Bauman has been a pioneer in the field of holistic nutrition for over 35 years. His vision and leadership have inspired thousands of people to transform their lives in the form of wellness, community, and peace. He received his M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts, and a Ph.D. in Health Promotion from the University of New Mexico. Dr. Ed Bauman created the Eating for Health model to teach individuals to make nutritionally comprehensive food choices and founded Bauman College in 1989, with a mission to change the world through better nutrition and healthful living. He is a special advisor for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and a love of good health and good taste to his work.
Alan received his MBA in Foodservice Management with an emphasis in Public Administration at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. After attending the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, New York, he completed an apprenticeship at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern, Switzerland. While teaching Culinary Arts at Laney College, he produced and performed in an acclaimed TV cooking series. Mr. Finkelstein came to San José State University as Executive Chef to oversee the food operations of Spartan Shops, Inc and served in that capacity for seven years. He teaches hospitality and cooking laboratories at SJSU and supervises the student-run First Class Dining Room on campus.
Dr. Sucher received her Sc.D. from Boston University Medical Center in Nutritional Science. She has held several positions in industry before coming to San José State University. She is a recognized authority on how diet, health, and disease are affected by culture/ethnicity and religion. Dr. Sucher has published newsletters, numerous articles, and textbooks on this subject. Her latest textbook is Food and Culture, 4th edition (2004), published by Wadsworth. Other research interests include medical nutrition therapy.
Jillian is a change agent & pioneer in the conscious cuisine and sustainable health movement! She is founder of Bay Area Raw, an organization providing events and social networking opportunities to bring together local businesses, entrepreneurs, visionaries, activists, community leaders and the greater Bay Area community members to share information, celebrate healthy lifestyle and support the growth of the Bay Area Raw Food Movement.  Jillian also runs the Revolutionary Raw Conscious Cuisine Meet Up Group, a community hub for individuals interested in exploring raw food cuisine and optimal nourishment and engaging in lifestyle choices that sustain the planet. Jillian Love is committed to global transformation through conscious cuisine and is an advocate for food justice.  Jillian completed her certification as Associate Raw Food Chef from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in October 2003. She has her Bachelors Degree in Communications and a Masters Degree in Counseling. She is a Certified Life Coach through The Coaches Training Institute and a Certified Master NLP Practitioner through NLP California. She has lead retreats, taught classes and provided raw dinners, menu consultations and trainings in the USA, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. WEBSITE:
Note: Every month, it is our express desire to bring to you topics of interest, with a conversation started by a variety of subject matter experts. This interactive forum also counts on other attendees bringing up their perspectives as well, and not just a five minute question and answer session at the end.  As always, our goal is to set the stage for a balanced interactive roundtable discussion. Although we seed the discussion with subject matter experts, the audience is also comprised of subject matter experts whose expertise lie in a larger range of topics. And it is within this cross fertilization of intelligent communication people that innovation can often occur. Change often originates from perspectives proffered from outside a field. We strongly encourage additional questions and points of view from everyone in the room.


Is Technology, Business, or the Arts the key to the future?

The answer is all three, together.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (SVII) seeks interns to join a team of vibrant volunteers out to change the world through intelligence, soul, and action. Our mission statement at SVII is to “Turn Vision Into Value”, and as a community, to support other innovative kindred spirits to do the same. We represent the spirit of the Silicon Valley, and we believe in the power of innovation in paving the way of the future.

– Unparalleled networking opportunities (Interact with accomplished entrepreneurs, artists, and some of the most brilliant folks from all around the Bay and beyond!)
– Add valuable experience to your portfolio/resume
– Complimentary ticket to SVII’s monthly innovation events
– Be a part of cultivating this globally influential community, and help to put on the most intellectually stimulating, and emotionally poignant events every month around topics relevant to innovators

You will report to the Executive Director, and will be responsible for one of the following sample sets of responsibilities within SVII’s operations:

Web Design / Development: Help to revamp the SVII website to even more accurately reflect the community and its members and activities.

Marketing/Community Ambassador: Strategize and implement (fun!) and creative ways to broaden our impact and grow our community; Think outside the box to bring our stellar monthly events in front of new audiences and potential kindred spirits

Social Media Marketing: Help to promote our monthly events, and raise awareness and brand recognition through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, etc.)

Event Organization: A lot of details go into our monthly innovation events – Work with Executive Director to ensure that each monthly Wed event is logistically successful

Innovation Blogger: Create interesting and stimulating blog post recap of each monthly event; Contribute other blogs entries around topics in innovation

Video Production Team: Capture footage (AV) for monthly innovation events; Edit footage into a single attention grabbing short film that captures the essence of the evening (for distribution on the SVII website and promotion to the Silicon Valley and global innovation communities); Writers with ideas for more unconventional coverage videos also welcome

It’s hard to master innovation from school books. We will customize each internship position we fill to create the most suitable synergy between you and SVII. If interested, get in touch!