Paul Masson set the context for the evening by presenting his research on maximizing innovation effectiveness. Drawing upon Aristotle, Darwin, and modern neuroscience, Masson made the case that there are inherent human tendencies of personal fulfillment, group engagement, cooperation and competition that are always in tension with one another.
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Nina Bhatti, Principal Scientist, HPLabs

Join us as our feature presenter, Nina Bhatti, shares her experiences as an innovator and an innovation leader within HPLabs. An energetic scientist and intrepreneur, Nina’s research interests include web/multimedia server performance, networking and distributed systems, and mobile systems and technologies. Nina and her mobile technologies team have developed some unusual applications — including a novel color-matching technology that turns any camera-equipped phone into a tool for retailers, healthcare providers, and beauty-product shoppers.

Panel discussion with worldy members of the Innovation Society
moderated by Sue Lebeck and Howard Lieberman

Join us as we discover what Innovation Society members observe as they work with innovators and innovation managers from across the northen hemisphere. Discover perspectives from Japan, Pakistan, China, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England and Canada, as we enjoy a lively panel discussion with:

Kimberly Wiefling, consultant and innovation teacher
Francine Gordon, innovation teacher
Farrukh Shah Khan, technology programming producer
Tom Buckholtz, business advisor
Max Sims, industrial designer
Harlan Jacobs, angel investor and incubator director
Learn about our colleagues’ globe-hopping projects. Listen to what they have discovered while working with distinct innovation cultures. Hear about cultural attitudes toward innovation, innovators, idea-development, risk management, funding and more. Discover the unique innovation challenges — and advantages — that might exist in other innovation communities.

Perspectives from Peter E. Hart,
Chairman, Founder and President of Ricoh Innovations, Inc.

Join us as our feature presenter, Peter E. Hart, shares with us his evolving perspectives on the corporate R&D research and innovation model. Throughout his career, Peter has designed and managed numerous research and innovation organizations. We look forward to hearing his reflections, observations, and current perspectives on the field.

Together, we will also explore how these perspectives effect and can be applied to the management of innovation in other contexts.