The Sustainability Revolution: Inspired Community Design

Curt Johansen
Executive Vice President, TriadCommunities

Seeking inspiration for a sustainable future? Join us as Curt Johansen, EVP of Triad Communities, shares his aspirations, experiences and insights.

The advanced protection and preservation of our environment is integral to the well-being of future generations. Socially responsible development is now immutably on the political agendas of most politicians and many business leaders. Along with economic prosperity, these three concepts formulate the basis for sustainable development and blended-value creation.

Curt’s practical experience and research over the past twenty-five years has led him to understand the role of sustainable community in the creation of a true land ethic. He will explain how localizing five critical economic sectors can create healthy balance between globalization and strong communities. He will demonstrate how his own work is leading him toward the creation of perhaps the most sustainable community in the country, right here in the Bay Area. And he will invite us to explore how we might face the challenge of incorporating sustainable principles into our careers.

Ventures in Medicine: Innovations in Cardiology and Beyond

Ted McClusky
Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical, Aviir, Inc.
Board Member, Sand Hill Angels

Ted McCluskey, MD/PhD is Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical at Aviir, Inc., a cardiovascular diagnostic company in Palo Alto. Aviir is a venture-funded biotechnology company developing cutting edge, convenient diagnostic tests enabling accurate diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular disease. Ted was trained as an interventional cardiologist. In addition to being an MD, he has a PhD in Pharmacology. Ted is also a Board Director of Sand Hill Angels, where he manages the education process.

Prior to Aviir, Ted spent four years at Scios (a Johnson&Johnson Company) where he oversaw cardiovascular clinical development, including VEGF-121 and their lead product Natrecor. Prior to Scios, Ted was at Genentech for 8 years, overseeing clinical research on cardiovascular applications for TNKase, Bosentan, CathFlo Activase and for the recently approved anti-angiogenic ophthalmic agent Lucentis. He led the clinical development for the cardiovascular application of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) by direct intra-coronary injection and has had extensive experience in both in-licensing and out-licensing projects.