Silicon Valley’s Role as the Global Engine of Innovation

Tom Foremski
Principal Journalist, Silicon Valley Watcher

What do you observe? Join us as Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher shares his observations and personal perspectives on Silicon Valley’s critical role in driving global innovation. Come with your own observations, and join the discussion.

As a reporter on “the business of technology and media”, Tom Foremski acts as your daily eyes-and-ears-on-Silicon-Valley, offering news and “Foremski’s Take” on issues ranging from product releases and media’s morphing, to industry events and organizational change. Tom is passionate about Silicon Valley, and offers his expert critical view to professional and casual players alike. To get your own daily dose, subscribe to Silicon Valley Watcher now through feedburner or email.

Tom Foremski was a columnist and reporter at the Financial Times until five years ago, when he left FT to become a “journalist blogger” and founded Silicon Valley Watcher. Crowd-Powered Media names Tom as #28 in the top 50 Silicon Valley influencers, and PR Week names Tom as one of the top eight “journalists you should know about”.