Execution Excellence – Predictably Turning Ideas into Profit

Kimberly Wiefling, Wiefling Consulting
with James Connor, Sand Hill Angels

Creativity, superior technology and brilliant people are insufficient for success. A great idea doesn’t guarantee a great product or service, and those in turn don’t guarantee a profit. It takes execution with excellence to ensure that an innovative idea becomes a successful and profitable product or service.

What is execution with excellence? It’s a sensible framework and the discipline to follow it, and depart from it thoughtfully when and where appropriate. It’s common sense, but not common practice. This interactive program will grapple with the biggest barriers to execution and how you can overcome them — starting right now.

Kimberly Wiefling is the author of Scrappy Project Management, founder of Wiefling Consulting and a member of the SVII Innovation Leadership Development team. Kimberly will lead the discussion and activity, and will be joined by Jim Connor, a Board Director of the Sand Hill Angels. Kimberly, together with Jim, will shine a light on the predictable pitfalls of innovation execution, and drive the discussion on what causes them and how to overcome them. Participatory activities will help us experience the gap between “knowing what to do” and “doing it.”