Content Agreement

Media content created by SVII is made available to the public as an innovation advocacy resource under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. That means, it is:

  • Free to share
  • Free to remix
  • Attribution is required (a visible link to
  • For Noncommercial Use Only

Notice: For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of the content. The best way to do this is with a link to here.

If you participate at an SVII event or webisode, we ask for your consent of the following conditions:

  1. By attending an SVII event, I agree to be photographed, recorded and videotaped by SVII.
  2. I hereby irrevocably authorize SVII and its affiliates to copyright, publish, reproduce, exhibit, transmit, broadcast, televise, digitize, display, otherwise use, and permit others to use, (a) my name, image, likeness, and voice, and (b) all photographs, recordings, videotapes, audiovisual materials, writings, statements, and quotations of or by myself (collectively, the “Materials”), in any manner, form, or format whatsoever during the duration of the SVII events which I attend, including on the Internet, and for any purpose, including, but not limited to, public educational purposes, without further consent from or payment to me.
  3. It is understood that all of the Materials, content are the sole property of SVII. I agree not to contest the rights or authority granted to SVII hereunder. I hereby forever release and discharge SVII, its employees, licensees, agents, successors, and assigns from any claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs, or demands whatsoever arising by reason of defamation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, copyright infringement, or any other personal or property rights from or related to any use of the Materials. I understand that SVII is under no obligation to use the Materials.

This legalese is to protect SVII’s interests as a public educational non-profit organization. In the end, it’s all about creating great content, to share and inspire. So, we’re happy to take out bloopers or otherwise work with you, just contact us.

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