Silicon Valley’s Role as the Global Engine of Innovation

Tom Foremski
Principal Journalist, Silicon Valley Watcher

What do you observe? Join us as Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher shares his observations and personal perspectives on Silicon Valley’s critical role in driving global innovation. Come with your own observations, and join the discussion.

As a reporter on “the business of technology and media”, Tom Foremski acts as your daily eyes-and-ears-on-Silicon-Valley, offering news and “Foremski’s Take” on issues ranging from product releases and media’s morphing, to industry events and organizational change. Tom is passionate about Silicon Valley, and offers his expert critical view to professional and casual players alike. To get your own daily dose, subscribe to Silicon Valley Watcher now through feedburner or email.

Tom Foremski was a columnist and reporter at the Financial Times until five years ago, when he left FT to become a “journalist blogger” and founded Silicon Valley Watcher. Crowd-Powered Media names Tom as #28 in the top 50 Silicon Valley influencers, and PR Week names Tom as one of the top eight “journalists you should know about”.

When Innovation Goes Social: CSR in Action

Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley, Corporate-Wisdom and CSR in Action
with Cecily Joseph, Symantec

Our inspiring feature presentation will guide us to integrate corporate social responsiveness (CSR) into the fabric of our work and our organizations. Our speakers, authors Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley will ask us to think out of the box about our products and services, to find ways to become responsive local and global citizens.

Studies show that professionals are more engaged when involved in purpose-driven initiatives that connect product and service to the greater needs of society. This engagement translates to our competitive advantage, inspiring us and driving solutions to global problems. This session will offer inspiration from Silicon Valley leaders, from the collaborative book and consulting practice CSR in Action. One of those Silicon Valley leaders, Cecily Joseph, will share with us her corporate journey to create Symantec’s successful CSR initiative.

This program is sure to help you shape your own thinking
about how to be an awakened and socially responsive professional and leader.

Innovation and Innovation Management: Perspectives from Around the World

What is it like to work with innovators across the globe? Join us as we explore the differences innovators experience working across the world.

Panel discussion with worldy members of the Innovation Society
moderated by Sue Lebeck and Howard Lieberman

Join us as we discover what Innovation Society members observe as they work with innovators and innovation managers from across the northen hemisphere. Discover perspectives from Japan, Pakistan, China, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England and Canada, as we enjoy a lively panel discussion with:

Kimberly Wiefling, consultant and innovation teacher
Francine Gordon, innovation teacher
Farrukh Shah Khan, technology programming producer
Tom Buckholtz, business advisor
Max Sims, industrial designer
Harlan Jacobs, angel investor and incubator director
Learn about our colleagues’ globe-hopping projects. Listen to what they have discovered while working with distinct innovation cultures. Hear about cultural attitudes toward innovation, innovators, idea-development, risk management, funding and more. Discover the unique innovation challenges — and advantages — that might exist in other innovation communities.