2013 Kickoff

Dear Members of SVII,

Thank you all for an amazing 2012, and special thanks to those who came out to celebrate with us at the Innovation 2013 New Years Party in January!  I hope you enjoyed the food and drinks, Mike Lester’s special presentation on Skyweb Express, and especially the interesting folks who’s minds you got to grapple with and who’s business cards were, I trust, the beginnings of new productive relationships.  I truly believe that 2013 will be a year of breakthroughs and new heights for the Silicon Valley innovation community, and I am ready for the adventure!
As you have heard us say over and over, one of the chief requirements for sustainable innovation is a viable business model; I know that you are also familiar with the crucial part that sufficient funding plays in allowing your business or dream to take flight.  That is why in 2013, we will be adding an extra layer of emphasis on helping our communities to hone in on their business models, and to maximize the value of their ideas.  With new partners and exciting programs on the horizon, we are excited to become a part of YOUR success in this coming year.
To kick things off, we will be hanging out this February 19th at the Silicon Valley offices of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, and bringing in some fascinating experts to give you a solid foundation as you continue to strategize the financial aspects of your business.
With Mr. Jakopin’s 24 years of IP litigation experience, Mr. Jameson’s out-of-the-box economic finesse, Mr. Sherman’s experience in launching commercially successful products (including Swiss Army Startech altimeter watches and Robotic ICU beds…), and Mr. Miller’s insights on the nitty-gritty’s from the CPA’s perspective, you will undoubtedly find new ammunition for any financial battles ahead.
(Not to mention, a moderated panel by Howard Liberman himself promises to bring the energy level to new heights on this much needed conversation!)
So don’t miss this one!  And we look forward to deliberating with you at “How Much is It? (The Nightmare of Valuating Intangibles)”  this Tuesday, February 19th (in Palo Alto)!
– Jessie Chen
Executive Director, SVII
Turning Vision Into Value

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