Innovation Alignment: Integrating Diverse Resources

Howard Lieberman, CEO, Silicon Valley Innovation Institute

While disruption and divergence are key drivers of innovation, agreement and convergence are often necessary to bring value to the table. Complex innovation challenges require collaboration across diverse and even competing organizations. In these cases, alignment, in service to alliance, is key. When resources are limited, timely alignment plays an even more urgent role.

Howard Lieberman, founder and CEO of the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute will lead us in an exploration of the key elements involved in aligning and integrating across the mindsets, personalities, vocabularies, and goals of diverse resources. Howard will draw upon current innovation challenges he is deeply involved with and helping to address.

When Innovation Goes Social: CSR in Action

Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley, Corporate-Wisdom and CSR in Action
with Cecily Joseph, Symantec

Our inspiring feature presentation will guide us to integrate corporate social responsiveness (CSR) into the fabric of our work and our organizations. Our speakers, authors Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley will ask us to think out of the box about our products and services, to find ways to become responsive local and global citizens.

Studies show that professionals are more engaged when involved in purpose-driven initiatives that connect product and service to the greater needs of society. This engagement translates to our competitive advantage, inspiring us and driving solutions to global problems. This session will offer inspiration from Silicon Valley leaders, from the collaborative book and consulting practice CSR in Action. One of those Silicon Valley leaders, Cecily Joseph, will share with us her corporate journey to create Symantec’s successful CSR initiative.

This program is sure to help you shape your own thinking
about how to be an awakened and socially responsive professional and leader.