More Innovation in Facilities Design:

In this discussion the necessity for the improvement of buildings and their designs was the topic. The main focus of the discussion was creating a functional and sustainable workspace. The speaker Garry Shamshoian, designed many innovative buildings for Genentech.

Panelists: Gary Shamshoian, Rick Rios, Danny Beesley
Moderator: Sue Lebeck, SVII

We continue our theme of Innovation in Facilities Design with a look at the integration of systems-level and component-level innovation in the sustainable building space. Join us as Gary Shamshoian, Rick Rios and Danny Beesley share their perspectives.

Gary Shamshoian, P.E. is a mechanical engineer focused on industrial facility design. Gary provides expertise for large labs and cleanroom design and construction projects, and is a contributor to Labs21, which provides education to industry on high performance lab, cleanroom and data center deisgn issues. Gary’s designs and technologies deliver both sustainability improvements and cost savings.

Rick Rios is CEO and president of Verde Development Incorporated. Verde Development strives to make a global difference by focusing on the procurement, training, management and use of energy-efficient products, procedures, tools and environmental services relating to the construction industry as a whole. Verde is also the Northern CA distributor and training provider for the Apex Block, the latest generation of insulating concrete forms made from recycled expanded polystyrene.

Danny Beesley is a certified green building professional, and an external development strategist for the Green Building Exchange, a Bay Area eco-hub at the forefront of the green economy. Danny, a home builder from a young age, noticed early on that the conventional approach to the built environment was in part responsible for major ecological and human health impacts. Today, he pulls together together the many facets of the green building industry, building partnerships with key people and organizations.

This collaborative exploration of sustainable building innovation is sure to enlighten.

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