8/3/2011: Innovations in Wellbeing – Live Food

SVII Society’s first ever live foods dinner was a smash hit! The party started during setup as helping hands danced the tables and chairs into place to the tune of Howard Lieberman and Micha’el Bedar improvised piano and flute duet. Jillian Love gave a practical demonstration of how to make a live foods pesto.

Zesty flavors of live foods pizza and delicate cherry ice cream delighted the palettes of the evenings participants, some of whom had never experienced live foods cuisine before. After speakers shared their personal journeys to becoming live foods advocates, the dialog broadened and touched upon many topics including healthcare reform,  epigenetics and the role of people’s psychology on their level of health.


Everyone who attended deserves a big Thank You from SVII – when it was time the return our ad hoc dining room back into an empty hall – never before have we seen such a helpful crowd. Many hands made light work!

Check out the awesome photos of the event taken by Jessie Chen

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3/2/2011: The Innovation Sweet Spot

Paul Masson set the context for the evening by presenting his research on maximizing innovation effectiveness. Drawing upon Aristotle, Darwin, and modern neuroscience, Masson made the case that there are inherent human tendencies of personal fulfillment, group engagement, cooperation and competition that are always in tension with one another.
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MASDAR CITY, UAE: World’s First Carbon-neutral, Zero-Waste Community

Karin Larsen, Masdar City Project

Masdar City is the expression of a vision. It represents Abu Dhabi’s multi-faceted response to the challenges facing a sustainable future. The Masdar Initiative and Masdar City are positioning Abu Dhabi as a global leader and hub for the research and development of renewable energy and sustainable technology. The funding for Masdar comes from the Abu Dhabi government.

Masdar City’s aim is to become the Silicon Valley for clean, green and alternative energy. A global centre where over 1500 companies will converge to address one of man’s greatest challenges. A city where current and future technologieis will be funded, researched, developed, tested and implemented. Masdar’s mandate is to champion renewable energy technologies, and to contribute to the diversitfication and sustainable growth of the Abu Dhabi economy into one that is industry-led and knowledge-based.

For more information, see www.masdarcity.com and www.masdar.ae.

Karin Larsen is the US Sales Representative for the Masdar City Property Development Unit, where she develops cross-border strategic partnerships and business relationships between Masdar City and US companies. Prior to this, she was a Senior Vice President at Gulf Capital Private Equity in the UAE where she analyzed and executed investment opportunities in energy services, alternative energy, and technology/media. Previously, she established i2i Capital in Hong Kong, a boutique private placement and investment firm serving SMEs in Asia. In the cleantech sector, she has worked with companies active in electric vehicles, coal gasification, plastics recycling, nanomaterials, and water filtration.

Appetizer Story:
Developing Green Innovative Communities with Dr. James Caldwell

Ventures in Medicine: Innovations in Cardiology and Beyond

Ted McClusky
Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical, Aviir, Inc.
Board Member, Sand Hill Angels

Ted McCluskey, MD/PhD is Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical at Aviir, Inc., a cardiovascular diagnostic company in Palo Alto. Aviir is a venture-funded biotechnology company developing cutting edge, convenient diagnostic tests enabling accurate diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular disease. Ted was trained as an interventional cardiologist. In addition to being an MD, he has a PhD in Pharmacology. Ted is also a Board Director of Sand Hill Angels, where he manages the education process.

Prior to Aviir, Ted spent four years at Scios (a Johnson&Johnson Company) where he oversaw cardiovascular clinical development, including VEGF-121 and their lead product Natrecor. Prior to Scios, Ted was at Genentech for 8 years, overseeing clinical research on cardiovascular applications for TNKase, Bosentan, CathFlo Activase and for the recently approved anti-angiogenic ophthalmic agent Lucentis. He led the clinical development for the cardiovascular application of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) by direct intra-coronary injection and has had extensive experience in both in-licensing and out-licensing projects.