Choose Your Model

Okay everyone, everywhere in every company, every country and every type of practice has the same overwhelming issue to deal with. Your world is bigger than you are. That means there will never be enough time, energy and other required resources to deal with all of the things you would like to deal with. This is true for the most powerful people in the world and it is also true for the most down on their luck. And since we are making our world both more complicated and larger every day at an accelerating rate, the problem is not going to go away, ever, unless we inadvertently destroy a large portion of the world and make it much simpler as in a great dieback.

Now for the good news! Choose Your Model! Since you and everyone else is clearly dealing with some sub dimensional reality, as opposed to the entirety what is happening, you and everyone else, are operating within some set of boundaries that you can cope with, or some subdimensional model of reality. Just how conscious each of us are of the models we are living within varies from person to person, and is time varying within each person.

We are all self organizing and hence self modeling to some degree. Incarcerated people have some choices about how they spend their time and what ideas or beliefs they invest their energy and effort into. At the other end of the spectrum some are choosing which cruise to which country to book a berth on. Some people have probably even occupied both of these stations in life.

Humanity is now reaching a decision point where we will have to become more conscious of the subdimesional model we embrace or possibly lose the ability to choose at all, because we have become powerful enough that a misstep may be unrecoverable from.

This is a good time for seekers to re-read the wisdom literature, which is after all about how to be in the world. It is also a good time for people who have not become seekers to begin to seek some answers while there is time to do so. There is no question that we are capable of constructing conscious models that can help us to survive. We have done it for thousands of years and created an entire body of works collectively known as the wisdom literature which has withstood the test of time by continuing to help people cope with situations.

Try to remember these subdimensional frameworks are all models created by us, which means we can choose to modify, accept or discard any ideas we meet. And yes there will always be consequences to the decisions and choices we make.

But the important thing to remember is we do have, and always have had choice, and that models are not reality but subset projections of it. We live in our choices, not in reality. So try to choose wisely and do not be afraid to discard or alter models that are not working for you. This is sometimes called reframing or re-contextualizing. In the most extreme cases it can be called revolution, which I do not recommend as voluntarily creating that much of a discontinuity can be even more dangerous than the alternative, to have inclusive co-created models. Without collaboration we are not going to make it much further as a species who enjoys the freedoms to grow, change and evolve.

The very simplest choice we can make, is between fear and confidence, sometimes called scarcity and abundance. Do you want to be in a shrinking declining world or a growing evolving one? It is really each person’s choice and that choice will determine which subset of infinity you embrace.