CPS Practices for Innovation: An experiential evening

Barbara Kivowitz, Innovation/Measurement 21st Century

The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) method has been in use for over sixty years. It was developed as a response to the question, “So, how do you actually do innovation?” CPS provides a process discipline to the action of creative thinking in order to progress systematically (and creatively) from challenge to ideas to solution development to implementation.

In this session, Barbara Kivowitz of Innovation/Measurement 21st Century will lead us as we explore the principles that underlie CPS and learn the four stage CPS method. We will also put the CPS method into practice.

We invite you to bring a real challenge you are dealing with. The ideal challenge is a problem that requires an innovative solution, one that you are prepared to work on with a group and about which you have some concrete information. The challenge could be about your professional work, or even your personal life. You will need to be able to describe your challenge to a small group in 3 minutes. Do not come with answers — just with an interesting problem! Some example might be:
How can I decrease travel expenses for my business?
In what ways might my company go green?
How can I build up my consulting practice during this economic downturn?
In what ways might I help my daughter deal with the college application experience?
How can we increase fundraising for our nonprofit organization?

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