Human Directivity

Directivity is the property of being directional. It can be a measure of radiation and of sensitivity. For example, an omnidirectional sound source or broadcast antenna would radiate equally in all directions. Or conversely, a microphone or radio receiver can be extraordinarily directional and only sense inputs from a narrow direction. This fundamental parameter in physic could also be applied to people.

Some people are only sensitive to a very narrow set of stimuli and others to everything around them. Some also broadcast indiscriminately, and others narrowcast precise information to a very few people. In fact, some bombastic people only emit and do not receive at all. And other timid, introverted individuals barely utter a peep.

It is interesting to me a search for the word Directivity yields a large number of scientific definitions, discussions, articles and even derivative terms such as Directivity Factor and Directivity Index. It appears physicists are more interested in the spatial distribution of energy and directional sensitivity, not to mention just how sensitive receivers are or how efficient radiators are.

The communication industry has other words for targeting advertising or trolling for feedback, so the concept is not alien nor is it strictly quantitative. I am sure there are statistics applied to all manner of communication inputs and outputs covering a multitude of variables of interest such as market size and receptivity.

I am thinking of a different application of the same word to psychology and philosophy where curiously, I have not so far seen it show up although I can imagine great value in attempting to characterize the directionality of our feelings and thoughts. Perhaps this territory seems to be too dangerous to wander in to, or maybe not potentially fruitful enough but for me personally, I sometimes feel like a speaker or a microphone or an antenna and am very aware of how energy can be focused or squandered to archive specific targeted goals or diffuse outcomes.

As this is a brand new thought less than an hour old, it may seem premature to attempt to write or post anything, but for some reason, I feel compelled to raise the issue. Perhaps to protect me from the deluge of inputs into my system from within and from without? Or maybe alternatively to help to prioritize and focus in a more beam-like manner my own personal energetic emissions and application of energy.

There seems to be an infinite number of concepts, paths, and ramifications to explore human directivity instead of the directivity of nonliving physical entities. But for today I am satisfied to raise the possibility of the topic merely.