Inspiration, Open Source and Sun SPOTs

Roger Meike
Director of Operations, Sun Labs
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Embedded computers are all around us. There are many more embedded computers than there are people on the planet. The implications of the growth of these devices is staggering. While the internet has more than a billion computers connected to it, there are several times that number of cell phones connected to the internet. Sun has created an open source technology called Sun SPOT to help create the “internet of things.” The mission is to inspire a community of developers to invent the next generation of connected devices using Sun’s technology. Roger will discuss strategies and tactics employed as well as the results of Sun’s activities so far in this area.

Roger Meike is Senior Director, Area 51 and Director of Operations, Sun Microsystems Laboratories. His background is in cognitive science and his career has led him back and forth between new start companies and large research organizations. While his background is mostly in software, he also enjoys consorting with hardware folks. He has been accused of being many things including photo enthusiast, sailor, ham radio operator, musician and techno-geek/nerd.
Bring your curiosity and see you there!

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