8/3/2011: Innovations in Wellbeing – Live Food

SVII Society’s first ever live foods dinner was a smash hit! The party started during setup as helping hands danced the tables and chairs into place to the tune of Howard Lieberman and Micha’el Bedar improvised piano and flute duet. Jillian Love gave a practical demonstration of how to make a live foods pesto.

Zesty flavors of live foods pizza and delicate cherry ice cream delighted the palettes of the evenings participants, some of whom had never experienced live foods cuisine before. After speakers shared their personal journeys to becoming live foods advocates, the dialog broadened and touched upon many topics including healthcare reform,  epigenetics and the role of people’s psychology on their level of health.


Everyone who attended deserves a big Thank You from SVII – when it was time the return our ad hoc dining room back into an empty hall – never before have we seen such a helpful crowd. Many hands made light work!

Check out the awesome photos of the event taken by Jessie Chen

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