Perspectives from a Serial Intrapreneur

Chuck House
Executive Director, Stanford MediaX

Join us as Chuck House reflects on intrapreneurship at HP, Intel, and a range of innovative Silicon Valley companies, over a career which spans three decades and beyond.

HP Phenomenon is the working title for a new book by Chuck and his co-author, Ray Price. Having spent 29 years at Hewlett-Packard, playing a wide variety of roles in a number of divisions, Chuck understands the HP phenomenon, as well as the Silicon Valley phenomenon, better than most.

Chuck House is Executive Director of MediaX, Stanford University’s Industry Affiliate research program on media and technology. As a senior research scholar, Chuck is continuing his work in technology-enabled communications, collaboration, and community.

Chuck has provided leadership roles at Silicon Valley companies ranging from HP to Intel (Virtual Collaboratory), Dialogic (acquired by Intel in 1999), Spectron Microsystems (sold to Texas Instruments), Veritas Software (during IPO period), and Informix Software (during the very successful turnaround years of 1991-1993).
Stints as an IEEE Fellow and a President of ACM, round out a rich and on-going career.

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