Showing Up at the Innovation Society

Leslie Janoe, Sue Lebeck, Howard Lieberman
Silicon Valley Innovation Society

As we re-convene after a busy summer, we bring our attention to the heart of what the SVII Innovation Society is all about: Innovation Advocacy.

SVII staff will be presenting the case for, historical activities relating to, and intended future Innovation Society treatment of this very important subject. Join us for a quick look back and a long look forward at the SVII Innovation Society’s culture of innovation advocacy.

“The one truly unbounded nenewable resource is human creativity, the master resource. When it is manifest as innovation, we all step forward together.” — Howard Lieberman, CEO, SVII

Step forward with us!

Join SVII Prinicpals Leslie Janoe, Sue Lebeck and Howard Lieberman as we re-invent our “First Wednesday” format to include a regular active practice of Showing Up as an Innovation Advocate.

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