6/7/2011: Growing a Silicon Valley Regional Metamorphosis Initiative

At SVII’s April 6 Wednesday night gathering Bill Veltrop unveiled his nomination for “The Next Big Thing” — and it wasn’t a thing. It was a strategy for growing a Societal Metamorphosis Movement, with the “region” being the primary unit of design.

The purpose of the gathering was to plant the Regional Metamorphosis seed-meme in the SVII community to see it would germinate and take root. Howard had already embraced the meme and followed up the presentation by challenging the SVII community and Silicon Valley to play a leadership role in growing a global regional metamorphosis movement.
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6/1/2011: The Culture of Trust, Innovation Tools and the Social Web.

This event explores the value of trust in the highly connected world. We also discussed how innovation tools have put us in closer contact with one another and how they have changed the structure and hierarchy of project developing.

What is the current state of innovation tools? Is the best way to create a breakthrough still a skunkworks project? Or have collaboration and innovation tools reached a level of sophistication where they provide a sensible alternative to the old school method? How does social media factor in?
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2/2/11: The SAP Community Network – Driving the Social Business Future

Mark Yolton deeply engaged our audience about SAP’s stupendous success in collaboration through social software. Businesses see a fundamental shift to a dynamic world of deep, relentless change, which demand companies to adopt informal interactions to remain competitive; so they “need to accelerate the pace at which they respond to change, make decisions and overcome unforeseen obstacles”.
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