What Do We Want from Smart Buildings and Cities?

SVII – Mar 24th, 2016

Please join us for a lively discussion about the smart tech revolution co-presented by:


Program Description:

Modern challenges of industrialization and climate change require whole scale improvements in how we deal with energy and resources. We must adapt, but our bodies have evolved to fit yesterday’s environment.  We need urgent action to go beyond Green to Smart (Sustainability Maximized through Adaptive and Responsive Technologies), and the Silicon Valley should remain the center of smart technologies that make businesses and citizens more prosperous.


New fabrication, sensing, connectivity, intelligence and gamification opportunities are developing to improve services and efficiency, and ultimately to create smarter citizens. The conscious evolution of our built environment is necessary but slow because we are best at creating products that can be built overseas.  The next natural step of applying digital technology to improve sustainability leads to smart buildings, smart cities and smarter citizens.  Progress is rapid with each technology impacting society differently.

The potential for smart buildings and smart cities is unlimited as we create new collaborations using data effectively to address global challenges.

Please join us for an update on smart technology developments, and a discussion about what we want to achieve and avoid as we help in the development of these powerful new sustainability solutions.  This session is designed to be highly interactive.  We’ve invited you, and lots of other diversely skilled participants, to join and contribute to evolving the format for SVII’s new interactive arenas.  We want to learn about your aspirations, priorities, vision, and the expertise that you bring to the challenge of harnessing new techniques and technologies to build a smarter, more sustainable world.

Technology Overview Roundtable Panel:

  • Gary Shamshoian, PE, LEED AP, BEAP is a mechanical building design engineer experienced in the design, contracting, owner, and manufacturing sides of the construction industry. His team is creating new technologies to accelerate smart building energy efficiency.  He is the Smart Technology Director for BEST (Buildings Engineered with Smart Technology), Co-chair of the ASHRAE Technical Committee for Cleanspaces, and Chairman of the Smart Building Evolution group.
  • Behzad Imani, Ph.D is a High Tech Venture Advisor for FinTech, AgTech, EdTech, MedTech, and CleanTech with expertise in smart systems and buildings, new battery technologies, nano processing and nano welding capital equipment, communication chips, wearable devices, enterprise software, and water efficiency technologies. He will discuss new technologies emerging to connect building energy management to smart city energy control systems.
  • James T Caldwell is CEO of E3 Regenesis Solutions, a consulting company that specializes in building green energy alliances and systems integration for smarter buildings and cities in US and China. Dr. Caldwell has served as Assistant Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University, and he founded Pacific Rim Connections, harmonizing international standards and E3 Regenesis Solutions to promote green and resilient city collaborations.  He currently serves as a Director of the US-China Green Energy Council (www.ucgef.org) and is Chair of its Green Building and Eco-City Task force.  Last year Dr. Caldwell joined and helped the Silicon Valley Chinese Technology & Business Association (SVCTBA) to organize and present at the Smart City Conference & Expo on May 30, 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California.
  • Zann Gill and Dennis Britton are developing earthDECKS –http://earthDECKS.net – into a smart innovation network.  Dennis combines diverse experience with large companies (APPLE, Cisco, GE, HP, VISA) and his leadership in the agile community, with his passion for disruption and start-up innovation. Zann focuses on how next generation social problem-solving networks can evolve into collaborative intelligence ecosystems where savvy users and responsive devices sense needs, integrate diverse information, respond to users, and assess feedback.

What you will learn and take away from this session:

  • Hear various perspectives about the promises of smart buildings and cities, and some of the challenges to their full realization.
  • Learn about new opportunities in the smart infrastructure field.
  • Assist in the development of new technologies by contributing to the discussions about what we want from smart buildings and cities.
  • Share knowledge and questions with those pushing the frontiers of smart technology, and assist in the directions of novel innovations.
  • Find out what others want from Smart Cities and Buildings.
  • SVII is committed to growing an interactive community and collaborating with other such communities, so that those who attend meet new colleagues with complementary skill sets, discover new ideas that augment the passion they brought to the event, form teams and seed new projects aligned with their mission.

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Please join us in Cupertino on Thursday, March 24, 2016, at the:

Rancho Rinconada Recreation Center

18000 Chelmsford Drive

Cupertino, CA  95014

   Doors Open: 6:15 PM                      Tickets at the Door: $15    

Program: 7:15 to 8:45 PM                         Students: $5

Food will be included in admission cost; alcohol will be available for added costs

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