Is Technology, Business, or the Arts the key to the future?

The answer is all three, together.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (SVII) seeks interns to join a team of vibrant volunteers out to change the world through intelligence, soul, and action. Our mission statement at SVII is to “Turn Vision Into Value”, and as a community, to support other innovative kindred spirits to do the same. We represent the spirit of the Silicon Valley, and we believe in the power of innovation in paving the way of the future.

– Unparalleled networking opportunities (Interact with accomplished entrepreneurs, artists, and some of the most brilliant folks from all around the Bay and beyond!)
– Add valuable experience to your portfolio/resume
– Complimentary ticket to SVII’s monthly innovation events
– Be a part of cultivating this globally influential community, and help to put on the most intellectually stimulating, and emotionally poignant events every month around topics relevant to innovators

You will report to the Executive Director, and will be responsible for one of the following sample sets of responsibilities within SVII’s operations:

Web Design / Development: Help to revamp the SVII website to even more accurately reflect the community and its members and activities.

Marketing/Community Ambassador: Strategize and implement (fun!) and creative ways to broaden our impact and grow our community; Think outside the box to bring our stellar monthly events in front of new audiences and potential kindred spirits

Social Media Marketing: Help to promote our monthly events, and raise awareness and brand recognition through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, etc.)

Event Organization: A lot of details go into our monthly innovation events – Work with Executive Director to ensure that each monthly Wed event is logistically successful

Innovation Blogger: Create interesting and stimulating blog post recap of each monthly event; Contribute other blogs entries around topics in innovation

Video Production Team: Capture footage (AV) for monthly innovation events; Edit footage into a single attention grabbing short film that captures the essence of the evening (for distribution on the SVII website and promotion to the Silicon Valley and global innovation communities); Writers with ideas for more unconventional coverage videos also welcome

It’s hard to master innovation from school books. We will customize each internship position we fill to create the most suitable synergy between you and SVII. If interested, get in touch!

MAY 2nd 2012: Rapid Iteration – Indulge Your Five Senses!

We will explore the role of rapid iteration in music, the arts, software development, medical devices, project management, business operations, collaboration, and more.. Come join us!


Perhaps you woke up this morning to the cacophony of sparrows and blue jays sporting their morning song, felt the cozy weight of that silk-wrapped comforter coaxing you to linger, saw the red LEDs of your digital clock, indicating two hours until that morning meeting (to close the deal of your lifetime!), smelled the scent of bacon sizzling in the kitchen, and finally climbed out of bed, succumbing to the thought of savoring the crispy pork in your mouth, along with a side of over-easy eggs, golden-yolked, and runny to perfection…

Perhaps you created something life-changing today?

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4/4/2012 Data Visualizations of the Mobile Innovation Ecosystem

What are the transformational forces in the innovation ecosystems of the mobile computing industry?

How have strategic value creation networks become vital to technology development and economic growth?

Co-creation relies on the relationship infrastructure of people, organizations and policies. Though complex and intangible, these assets can be observed through network analysis of small, medium and large enterprises. Read more

C. Josh Abend:

Josh is one of the few grey-haired Silicon Valley entrepreneurs around here; small kids sometimes ask if he is Albert Einstein and he always replies…Yes . Abend has a DaVinci appetite for innovative interests and a diverse range of innovation experience. He has taught creative problem solving at several product design colleges including CEF Buffalo.

* Apprenticeship at age 15, to design icon Norman Bel Geddes, considered the father of modern Industrial Design.

*He has been a car designer at GM in Detroit.

*A Human factors design/engineer on team of Polaris nuclear submarine, control station for the US Navy. Appointed in ’82 by President Regan to Whitehouse counsel on US productivity.

* Held office as national Vice President of IDSA.* One of first three world class designers to rise to level of a corporate, vice president.

*Was VP of product design for 5 divisions of a Fortune 500 company.

*Served as a PDMA officer in it’s national formation.

*Founder of INNOVATION AMERICA Inc.’79 *Director of the Innovation Management Center for SRI International.

*Holds a US patent for “Innovation Engines” which is an enterprise innovation software System.

*Is completing a book titled 101 Models of Innovation practice.

*Presently focused on C-level Innovation management via Innovation Masters® LLC. Still an avid skier and yacht racer. Served in US army 1253rd combat engineer battalion. Architectural graduate of historic Cooper Union NYC. and Mech Engr. Stanford University. Josh has 2 adult children and lives in Menlo Park, California.