MAY 2nd 2012: Rapid Iteration – Indulge Your Five Senses!

We will explore the role of rapid iteration in music, the arts, software development, medical devices, project management, business operations, collaboration, and more.. Come join us!


Perhaps you woke up this morning to the cacophony of sparrows and blue jays sporting their morning song, felt the cozy weight of that silk-wrapped comforter coaxing you to linger, saw the red LEDs of your digital clock, indicating two hours until that morning meeting (to close the deal of your lifetime!), smelled the scent of bacon sizzling in the kitchen, and finally climbed out of bed, succumbing to the thought of savoring the crispy pork in your mouth, along with a side of over-easy eggs, golden-yolked, and runny to perfection…

Perhaps you created something life-changing today?

Everyday, we respond to the stimuli of our five sense; We feel, we take in, we respond, and we participate. As the chosen creatures of innovation, what does our natural instinct to respond to the world around us have to do with the innovation process?

This May, join SVII for a stimulating evening to explore these multi-faceted questions:

How can rapid iteration be used to enhance our individual projects, and what kind of tools can make this possible?

And how can problem-solving theories apply to both software that manages the complexities of change management and to artistic endeavors?

We will explore the role of rapid iteration in music, the arts, software development, medical devices, project management, business operations, collaboration, and more; As the SVII name implies, YOU will play a critical role in setting the agenda!

So don’t miss the live demonstration of master looping artist, Jason Marsh, as he sweeps you into the world of real-time music composition and demystifies its connections to enterprise problem-solving, and the opportunity to engage Olin Reams, one of the masterminds supporting ConcepDraw’s savvy set of tools, designed to bring your workflow to life!

As always…Let’s innovate!

-SVII Core Team

Jason Marsh (Acesis, Inc.) is a violinist with a day job as an Information Architect/Designer for medical software. He played professionally through college but landed at Apple Computer and has been in the computer industry ever since. Jason has built a unique violin-centric style using a computer and foot pedals to create multi-channel live improvised orchestrations in real-time. He sees a close relationship between music creation and the design of complex problem-solving software.

Olin Reams (ConceptDraw) is a technology sales and marketing professional with experience building market presence and success for emerging companies. He has driven strong and sustainable revenue growth in both domestic and international markets, and is an experienced professional well-versed in high-growth technology solution selling, channel development, federal government sales, team recruitment, coaching, building high-performance sales teams and sales & marketing strategy.


6:00 – Doors Open (Networking)
6:45 – Dinner Starts
7:00 – SVII Business
7:15 – Program Starts
9:00 – Wrap-Up (Networking till close at 9:30)

*Bring two friends and get a 50% discount on your ticket!  (Email with the names of your two registered guests to receive discount code.)

Location Click for Map  

Bay Cafe Restaurant (at the Palo Alto Golf Course)
1875 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA

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